Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Choose the Art Deco Engagement Ring for Your Fabulous 1920s Wedding

By Bobbie Swenson

One of the engagement ring styles that is making a comeback is the halo engagement ring. A halo ring features a larger center stone, surrounded by smaller pave diamonds. This creates an antique and timeless look that many enjoy. It brings many back to their childhood and how they felt when looking at a halo engagement ring or their mother or grandmother. Halo rings gained popularity in the 1920's and in recent years this style of engagement ring is experiencing a rebirth in popularity.

Acorns, wheat, or even pumpkins can be the perfect details that you add to your centerpieces and wedding favors. Fall symbolizes abundance and richness. Allow Autumn and the natural beauty of the earth serve as your guide to the perfect wedding.

A halo ring setting can be customized for virtually any shape and any size diamond. If your special lady loves cushion cut diamonds or oval cut diamonds instead, she will love that you took time to purchase one of these halo style engagement rings that fit her tastes and style.

Many men also love halo rings because they create the illusion that the center diamond is larger and even more exquisite. If your ring has brilliant micro pave diamonds as well as engraving, it gives the appearance that the metal itself is frosted. It is a gorgeous effect.

A halo ring setting can be custom-made for virtually any size stone or shape of diamond. The halo engagement ring is a throw-back style and they look like heirloom engagement rings. If the halo ring has milgraining, it also adds to the antique-look of these rings.

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