Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Economical Charm Is All Yours: Tips for Cheap, Classy Weddings and Receptions

By Christine Lila Davies

On the subject of mens wedding bands, there was a time when most people didn't consider design options beyond a plain domed or flat gold band, and many jewelers' selections didn't offer more variety than these basic styles either. Aren't you glad that the mens wedding rings market of today features a much broader selection in general, and online retailers in particular showcase some of the most elegant and attractive weddings rings for men anywhere? I sure am! All in all, men now have a vast selection of metals and styles to choose from that will reflect their lifestyle and personality!

Backyard weddings or at-home ceremonies with outdoor wedding receptions are very popular depending on where you live, the climate and the season. If you or a family member or close friend don't really have the room to set up and accommodate your guests and a buffet and eating area, check with local parks to see about renting a pavilion and space for an afternoon.

The handmade designs of braids, cords, stars, and more look wonderful in any metal, so it's no surprise that some of the most popular and widely sold styles of rose gold and tricolor mens wedding bands are just simple variations on some classic designs, with the added feature of a contrasting metal color as a border, center, inlay, or accent.

Wedding decorations are not only fun to deal with, but they can also cut down your wedding expenses. You don't have to go without them completely, but that doesn't mean you have to overspend. For example, instead of buying expensive flowers try decorating with balloons, streamers, and free-standing decorations instead. You may purchase a few spools of pretty ribbon at the nearest craft store or fabric store. Grab few balloons and tie them together using the strips of the ribbon. Also tie the ribbons into bows themselves, then tape the ribbon bows around for decorations by themselves.

Custom made engagement and wedding bands using your own gems or diamonds and gem stones the jeweler finds per your request are the go-to option right now. Even online retailers often provide great results in designing rose gold diamond wedding bands for your special day, so if you don't see the ring you've been dreaming of among a shop's inventory, it never hurts to ask about custom orders!

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