Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Fantastic Variety of Tungsten Wedding Rings

By Kelley Lucas

Here Some Tips for You to Get a Unique Wedding Ring Wedding rings are very essential for weddings. They are something that will symbolize the couple's commitment with each other. The good thing about these wedding rings is that there are now ring trends that will be helpful for couples in terms of design as well as their budget.

One of the most common wedding rings today is a tungsten carbide wedding ring. This type of wedding ring may have the same physical luster of white gold but the good news is that they are made to be very affordable than the usual. As you look closely, white gold is very expensive because of its properties so the people who may only enjoy their style are those with lots of savings.

Black tungsten is tungsten that has been treated with a black coating. The only form of tungsten is the gray metallic colored tungsten, it is given a black coating to color it black; there is really no such thing as black tungsten because it is just regular tungsten that has a coating over it.

What is the difference between tungsten rings and tungsten carbide rings? There is a great deal of confusion regarding the differences between a tungsten ring and a tungsten carbide ring. Both terms describe the same wonderful product. Why are we confusing the ring world by using two terms? In actuality, all of these rings and wedding bands have at their core a material know as tungsten carbide.

This is a ceramic material that is extremely strong and durable which when polished looks elegant and classy. But most people expect rings, or anything polished for that matter, to be made of metal. Because of this, and because many people like abbreviated phrases, the term tungsten ring has won out in the end. So don't be fooled - a tungsten ring has the same properties as a tungsten carbide ring. No matter which term the vendor is using, so long as it is authentic, it is definitely good.

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