Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Few Ideas To Help make Your Envelopes Distinctive

By Scotty Kurgen

If you feel envelopes are merely common office stationery, then you are wrong. Many companies have became aware the opportunity of using envelopes among their marketing tools and are already using them to promote their own brand as well as campaigns.

You might need to pay a bit more to be able to personalize or customize your envelopes but it surely will surely worth the extra cost.

Listed here are five things you can do to make your envelopes be noticeable among others:

1. Colour

We all know, the normal color of an envelope has always been white or brown. However that doesn't mean you cannot use different colours for your envelopes. Huge brand companies often utilize envelopes with dazzling colours such as blue or sky blue to grab clients' attention.

2. Innovative Flap

Typical envelopes will often only have one flap which usually opens on the sides or up-wards. What you can do instead is separate them in to 2 parts. You'll be able to apply a color label of your organization's logo on the flap too.

3. Shining Paper

A great way to easily grab people's attention is to use envelopes that have bright aspects on the envelopes. You can also add high gloss or use glossy paper to get your envelopes printed. There are printing companies around that provide such envelopes. It is possible to notice such shiny envelopes being used in wedding invitation cards.

4. Different Texture

A different way to wow your recipients with your envelopes is with some sort of a texture paper. Just like the kinds used often in greeting cards.

5. Pictures and Graphics

Having images and artwork on your envelopes you send out is definitely going to attract and get hold of your recipients' attention. So it is always a good idea to include the images or artwork like your company's logo or products printed on them

There you have it, five suggestions that will make your envelopes distinctive. If you want to find out more, please check out the web site below.

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