Sunday, December 18, 2011

How to Add Menu Items Wordpress

By John Rowa

Handling your main menu and navigation within WordPress is easy. However there are a couple of things you need to know before you add new menu links to WordPres s.

Accessing Your Menus"Open the Appearance tab within your Dashboard and select Menus. Once on the menu management page, you will have access on the left side of the page to add differing types of links to your navigation. On the right side of the page is your exact menus in which you can change the name of your menu items, re-order how they are shown by drag and dropping the things, and remove an item all together.

Adding New Items to Your Menu"There are typically 3 differing kinds of links you are able to add to your menus. Using one of the 3 modules on the left of the screen, select your kind of link and press"Add to Menu""make sure the area on the right is showing the proper menu where you would like to place your new link. The 3 kinds of links you are able to add are:

Custom Links: Manually enter in a URL and name for your link. As an example, if you would like to make a link to, you might put in a URL of and a Label of"Free Custom Website".

Pages: By default, the Pages module shows the Most Recent pages you've added to WordPress. You may also decide on the tabs at the very top of the module to view all or hunt for categorical pages.

Categories: To show all blog entries within a specific category, utilise a check mark to select your chosen classes and add them to the menu. All posts you've made within that ONLY that category will now be displayed when someone clicks the new link.

After you have added your new links, ensure you save your updated menu.

Menu Does not Look Right Since I Added a New Link - When a new link is added to your navigation, you will experience a dramatic change in your site's design because the navigation now has to try to fit in a new link.

In other words, if you add too many additional pages, the links in your menu may not be aligned or fit properly any longer. If you want to fit extra pages in your menu, please be conservative in adding new links in enclosed spaces (especially the primary menu).

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