Saturday, December 31, 2011

How to Make the Right Mens Tungsten Wedding Bands Decisions

By Irene Beckwith

For a groom, turning up on time is the most important wedding day responsibility, however it goes a bit further than that. The wedding day responsibilities of a groom are somewhat simple and logical, and all come down to showing responsibility. Many men are a little laid back when it comes to timing, helping our or how many beers they have consumed, but on their wedding day, it is the one day they really need to show organization.

The most important thing a groom can do on his wedding day is show up. It sounds too logical to even need mentioning, but even men get the wedding day jitters, and I am sure it has happened when the runaway bride syndrome has struck a groom instead. But even with a groom who intends to show up, being on time is also important. Men are often less picky about the time of arrival compared to women. For a women, if we are a couple of minutes late, we are on the phone apologizing. For a man, they figure that they will explain once they get there, even if they are half an hour later than they said. On your wedding day, it is essential to be there on time, if not early, as you are the one greeting the guests before the ceremony and you must be there before your bride and her fashionably late entrance.

Secondly, it is important that you look your best. Keep that shirt tucked in, that tie knotted perfectly and that hair slicked back in perfection. There are photos to be taken and memories to be had, so you need to be looking your best. And for once, your bride is not going to be there to ensure you are up to scratch, so it is your time to show that you can scrub up well on your own too.

The caterer is perhaps one of the biggest components of a wedding event. The food can make or break an otherwise fantastic reception. Men can attend these tastings as well. They can certainly list the types of food they enjoy as suggestions. Women should not have to do a lot of arm twisting here. Men love their food and most would welcome the opportunity to eat some of it for free.

Most importantly, the groom has to be happy with the ring he chooses, so once his lifestyle choices and preferences are considered, he can then decide on any extras he may wish to add. Remember a wedding is meant to be forever, and so is the ring, so make it something you will love until the end.

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