Saturday, December 17, 2011

Make It An Anniversary to Treasure: Buying the 5 Stone Diamond Ring Surprise

By Claudia Lang

Your engagement ring along with your wedding ring are probably two of the most treasured pieces of jewelry in any collection. They tend to be the items most worn and the items of jewelry most likely to become damaged, simply by being on your hand. Engagement rings often feature one or more diamonds, often expensive diamonds, and are generally set in a precious metal like gold or platinum. The wedding ring is often designed to match the engagement ring - together, the replacement cost can be quite large, especially if you want an identical replacement.

Therein lies the problem of course; finding an identical replacement. This is where insurance can be very important. You see, you can insure your engagement ring not just for actual cost or actual value, but for replacement value. This takes into account the cost of a jeweler actually making your engagement ring from scratch, a much more expensive process than just buying one of the shelf.

The purpose of insurance then is to pay you to have your lost, stolen or damaged engagement replaced with a new one - get the right policy and it will be an identical engagement ring. Should you insure your engagement ring? If you treasure it, even a relatively inexpensive engagement ring, then have it insured. Find a policy that will replace 'new for old' - they are a little more expensive but totally worth it should you need to claim. Have your ring appraised prior to taking out an insurance policy, most jewelers will oblige for a small fee.

If you can find the original documents that came with your engagement ring, they may include details such as style information or number and a way to identify the manufacturer. It can be easier to obtain a replacement if you go to the original maker with details as to style or model number and year of manufacture. If not, you will have to rely on an independent jeweler to remake your ring. For this, they need an appraisal that describes the stones, particularly the diamond, the type of metal used, for example, white gold, and the thickness of the metal. Take a series of photos and keep them stored safely. A video of the ring both on and off the finger can also be of assistance.

In parts of India married Hindu women wear a gold toe ring rather than a finger ring. In West Bengal women wear a gold or silver coated iron bangle instead of a ring. Wedding rings in Greece and parts of Turkey are puzzle rings three interlocking rings which, when arranged correctly, form a single band. Traditionally, they were given to test women's fidelity. In America, England, and most of Europe, a plain gold band is the traditional wedding ring. Among people with Celtic roots rings engraved with a Celtic knot are popular; the knot is symbol of the couple as a unit. Claddagh rings, designed with two hands holding a heart with a crown above, are also becoming more popular as wedding rings. The Claddagh ring means love, friendship and loyalty.

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