Sunday, December 11, 2011

Making the Right Mens Wedding Bands Choices

By Francesca Moritz

For a groom, turning up on time is the most important wedding day responsibility, however it goes a bit further than that. The wedding day responsibilities of a groom are somewhat simple and logical, and all come down to showing responsibility. Many men are a little laid back when it comes to timing, helping our or how many beers they have consumed, but on their wedding day, it is the one day they really need to show organization.

The most important thing a groom can do on his wedding day is show up. It sounds too logical to even need mentioning, but even men get the wedding day jitters, and I am sure it has happened when the runaway bride syndrome has struck a groom instead. But even with a groom who intends to show up, being on time is also important. Men are often less picky about the time of arrival compared to women. For a women, if we are a couple of minutes late, we are on the phone apologizing. For a man, they figure that they will explain once they get there, even if they are half an hour later than they said. On your wedding day, it is essential to be there on time, if not early, as you are the one greeting the guests before the ceremony and you must be there before your bride and her fashionably late entrance.

You will have many choices of metals, and this will affect the look of the ring. A very popular one is gold. Even in this you will have choices. Many people get white or yellow gold. Within these you can get gold of different carats. 10k is cheaper, while 14k is very popular. 18k has a rich gold color and is a little more expensive. There are other less common ones as well such as rose gold and even darker golds. If you do not have as much money to spend you can get silver, but you will have to watch for tarnishing. Some people spend more and get platinum wedding bands. There are also some less common types of metals that you can find.

For those people with sensitive skin or allergies, either platinum or palladium is a good choice as neither is a common allergen. Nickel, however, is a common allergen, and so people may be allergic to their white gold wedding band. Although white gold made with palladium can be procured, it is more expensive than a nickel-based white gold, and jewelers cannot always guarantee a nickel-free product. There are some disadvantages to palladium. Although whiter and stronger than platinum, it is also more sensitive to dramatic changes in temperature as occurs with sizing rings, and may discolor or become brittle with repeated exposures to a soldering iron. Also, as with platinum, it can become less shiny over time and may need to be polished by a professional jeweler. However, this cost is likely to be less than a replating of rhodium.

Lastly, do something relaxing that you enjoy. Go for a long bike ride through the countryside, go to the park with your dog and spend a few hours playing. Do something relaxing that you enjoy. Now that the stress of planning the wedding is over and the honeymoon is planned, take a few hours to reconnect with yourself. The bride may be the beauty at the wedding, but the groom is her Knight in Shining Amour.

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