Thursday, December 15, 2011

Not Merely Plain Diamonds Anymore: the Latest Eternity Wedding Ring

By Edina Stone

Eternity rings are a symbol of the eternal love you have for your wife. They are a way to show that your affection and devotion to her will never die. In addition to the engagement ring and wedding ring, they symbolize your everlasting unity. But what are some things to consider when buying an eternity ring?

Half eternity rings feature stones that go half way around the ring - an alternative to eternity rings with stones that go completely around the setting. Half eternity rings are often the choice of people who prefer larger sized diamonds or other precious gems in the ring setting. Eternity rings can be worn for many different reasons and they often symbolize an important occasion or time of life. Full and half eternity wedding bands are a popular choice for sentimental reasons. Men and women who choose eternity wedding bands often choose them to signify eternal love and trust.

It might be a better idea to go with a half band because they are more practical and not as expensive. There is the belief, however, that an eternity band needs to be full, as the continuous line of stones represents a closed circle with no beginning or end.

Some people believe that each stone symbolizes something about their relationship. Come up with something romantic that each stone represents when you give the eternity ring. One could be for the day you met. The next can represent your first kiss. One diamond can represent you falling in love. One can be for your wedding day.

Eternity rings are also called "dress" wedding rings, diamond infinity rings, and diamond bands. Lined with diamonds, eternity bands often appear to be a circle of gemstones. The continuous loop of diamonds is symbolic of unending, eternal love, making them popular gifts for significant occasions in a couple's relationship, such as a monumental anniversary (often 20 years or more), overcoming tremendous obstacles, or celebrating a child's birth.

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