Monday, December 19, 2011

Reasons To Wear One Shoulder Dresses

By Oceana Kurgen

I am sure you have seen the one shoulder top fashion on night clubs, at formal gathering, parties and even casual events. One shoulder top fashion has been around for a few decades and used to be really hot during the eighties. Now you can see it is actually gaining its popularity once more.

You'll be able to unleash your sexiness by revealing your neck-line as well as shoulder. This will offer you a really attractive feel without the need of exposing one's body way too much.

Here are some ideas that may help you look perfect on a one shoulder top.

1. Keep It Basic

It's not necessary to wear one shoulder dresses which have very busy patterns and design. It is best to dress in one with simple and plain style. Preferably with only one solid color. This will not only give you a sophisticated look but will even make you look elegant as well. Wearing one shoulder top with lots of patterns and multiple colors isn't recommended.

2. Less Is More

You don't need to wear a great deal of accessories when it comes to one shoulder outfit. The real key here's to keep it simple. You can wear a belt with a contrast color to the dress. It is possible to match this with any bracelet. In order to go for the retro and stylish look, you can attempt putting on big ear-rings. You don't want a lot of bling around the neck, so put on simple necklaces to prevent distracting the appearance.

3. Undergarments

Well do not forget what you should wear underneath. One shoulder top dresses must be worn together with strapless bra. Bandeau or tube bras work really well with this sort of fashion as well. As long as they're strapless you should be safe. So make sure to wear an appropriate brassiere to go with the sexy top.

Well there you are three basic yet valuable advise for you, I think you'll come across this article beneficial.

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