Friday, December 16, 2011

Reusable Shopping Bags Are Handy When Christmas Shopping

By Max Barrett

The observance of gifting friends and family through the holidays is alive and well. But in the last few years, people have been making even more careful selections when choosing presents. With the fragile state of the economy, it's not at all shocking that men and women are spending shrewdly and getting practical Christmas presents. Some are as well picking environmentally friendly gifts as well as taking along eco bags when they go bargain hunting for presents. A report more recently presented Christmas gift ideas proposed by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). The strategies presented promote a greatly improved environment by minimizing pollution, and also make it easy for individuals to realize some cost savings.

Energy-efficient gifts

You've probably seen the Energy Star label on a variety of electronic products, from LCD monitors, televisions, electric razors and power tools to vacuums, battery chargers and Blu-ray disc players. Devices that come with this label use substantially less energy as opposed to those that don't. Therefore, if you are planning to buy your good friend . a digital picture frame, select one with the Energy Star tag; as it uses nearly 20% less energy as compared to non-qualifying models. Actually, if your office or home features items which are eligible for the Energy Star label, it can save you around $300 over the products' lifetime. Battery chargers with this particular tag can even be recycled through quite a few retailers as well as manufacturers that have national programs for recycling electronics.

Gifts that play a role in environment protection

There are several consumer items that use hazardous chemicals in their manufacturing processes, and affect the environment. These may come with safety warnings, and ask for extreme caution to be used when using them or allowing them to be used by youngsters. That is why it is recommended to buy car supplies, dish soaps and pet-care merchandise, among various others, that include the DfE or 'Design for the Environment' label. This label indicates that the specified product aids the environment and does not present any safety fears to families. It is determined that consumers who buy merchandise with this designation can slash the usage of possibly harmful chemicals by more than 500 million pounds each and every year.

Carry cloth bags for shopping

Consumers use and dispose of several million tons of plastic yearly. Why should you go for plastic bags when you're able to buy a reusable cloth bag that's not solely eco-friendly, but affordable also?

Even your gift wrapping makes a statement

Use recycled wrapping paper as well as bags for your gift items. Another suggestion the EPA advises is keeping the packaging to a minimum and doing your bit to avoid litter at dumps from mounting up. In this regard, you are able to go with gift items that don't need needless packing. When you're gifting electronic items to close friends, prompt them to recycle or reuse their outdated models. This can be your way of helping preserve natural resources, as the materials contained within the electronics may be used again for new products.

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