Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tips When Choosing Your Bridesmaid Dresses

By John Jones

Next to purple, red is the most popular color choice for bridesmaid dresses among modern brides at present. Red bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous and versatile to dress the dream, especially when the wedding ceremony goes with a conventional theme and the wedding dress is white. Red is imposing to eyes and pops out as a spark of festive beauty to enhance the emotional appeal in the nuptial. The blissful moment will be accentuated with this eye-feasting touch.

Pink color, whether it is pale or bright like hot pink or fuchsia, is always tuneful with the whole blissful atmosphere throughout the process of tying the knot. Probably as the most feminine shade, this hue is versatile for bridesmaid dresses as it suits any type of wedding.

Here come some great ideas to incorporate pink magic to your wedding day meanwhile accentuate your fashion forward tastes. If this reddish color is not the overall theme, you may consider involve with a contrasting color to signify your fashion flair. The timeless preppy favorite of pink and green is definitely a good choice, either done in toile or a Lilly Pulitzer design.And also hot pink and orange are nice match. You can implement the combo with hot pink colored bridesmaid dresses and orange themed banquets.If you want to be edgy in trend, go for medium pink for the evening gowns color and add a nautical blue colored satin sash at the waist.

You also want to take the season and weather into consideration for the bridesmaids formal dresses. Nothing is worse than having the entire wedding party look drained and wilted because the long sleeve Victorian style dresses nearly suffocates them during an outside wedding. Likewise, you don't want short sleeve sheath styles when it is snowing outside.

If you plan to go a modern routine with a lot of sophisticated simplicity, you should never miss these vogue reddish shades, especially bright pinks, to brilliantly dress your dream. Consider to match the wedding theme first and bright pink colors like hot pink, cherry pink or fuchsia will be more than sufficient to be emotionally appealing which accompanying you. To emphasize on the modern theme, you can go for some sleek couture cut and chic designs like one-shoulder detail or chic appliques and artsy pleats for the standout of your fashion taste.

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