Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Glass Shower Doors - Possibly The Most Overlooked Upgrade

By Holly Jessica

To easy maintain your shower door in clean state, take important cleaning measures from the beginning. We usually advices to use only qualified cleaning products for efficiency. A squeegee is a shower door's best friend, and should be included in any bathroom cleaning kit. Protect a beautiful bathroom accent and keep it clean.

There are numerous types of shower doors that can be used in the bathroom. Each type has its own pros and cons. Recently, frameless glass shower doors are getting popular for its ease of use. These shower doors are swinging doors that can be opened and closed. With this type of bathtub door, a bathroom looks more stylish than ever before. Its sturdiness makes it hard to break. Unlike a shower curtain, you can take bath without worrying whether about water leakage. If you have kids at home, you can take bath without worrying whether your kid will pull off the shower curtain.

There are a wide variety of frameless glass doors available in the market. Frameless glass shower doors come in different styles like flat top, asymmetrical, frosted and steam doors. Each of these doors has its own advantages. Asymmetrical doors add style to your bathroom and they are more appealing and beautify your bathroom. Frosted type glasses are invisible glass doors that will give you the privacy you want. Steam type glass doors can help you use your bathroom like a sauna. The cost of the shower doors varies according to the type of door. However, they are worth every single penny you paid.

Frameless shower doors is very famous with its design and style. Even though glass shower door is made from glass but they are not totally transparent. These serve like regular doors that can be opened and closed. Unlike framed glass doors, these are easier to clean. With a frameless shower door, the bathroom seems very spacious and attractive. These doors also reflect the design in tiles. Unlike a sliding door, you need not climb in and out of your bath tub. The elderly people at home will also be comfortable with this kind of a bathroom door.

If you looking forward to get a new bathtub door, check the hardware parts first. There are several hardware accessories that can be incorporated into a shower door design. Handles or door knobs are typically used for shower accessibility. They are available in many styles, shades, and sizes to best compliment your bathtub door. Towel bars are very convenient bathtub door hardware accessories that are also available in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes.

Another important cleaning technique for shower door is to squeegee after showering. It removes excess moisture from the shower and avoids water spots that can be difficult and almost impossible to remove. A plastic squeegee is best because metal could damage a shower.

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