Saturday, November 26, 2011

How Entertainment Services can Enhance Your Event

By Terry Holdershaw

When arranging a significant event, whether or not it's a corporate appreciation party, product launch, gala, marriage or social function, you are looking to provide a very good time and impress the guests at your event. Professional DJs, Entertainment and Audio-Visuals are the right way to strengthen your next event, make a 'Wow Factor ' and a notable experience for your guests.

Entertainment: Dependent on your event size, demographic and location will help you to select the proper entertainment for your event. For most events with a good range of guests, a live DJ is the most suitable choice for entertainment. Pro DJs have a large range of talent that they can bring to your event including a range of music styles, ability to play a continuous flow of music throughout the entire event, play music requests, perform as your MC and make announcements as required. For other events, a band or musician may be better suited. There is a good range of live entertainment options starting from solo musicians to classical quartets, jazz ensembles, big bands and party bands.

Master of Ceremonies: It's important for any event to have a Master of Ceremonies to keep the flow of the night on time, keep your guests attention and let everybody know what is happening. Having a professional MC can make a huge difference in your event's success. Most execs DJs can supply you with MC services too.

Interactive Entertainment: Having something interactive for your guests can be something to contribute to your event and create those fun and memorable moments that will be talked about long after your event. Adding a couple of elements (depending on your audience), ranging all the way from a photo booth to casino games, a magic presentation, walk-around entertainment, stilt walkers, dancers/dance lessons, carnival games, arcade computer games, for example. can spice things up.

Visuals & Lighting: Adding visuals and lighting to your event is the simplest way to make that immediate 'Wow Factor ' when your guests enter your event. Some elements you might need to consider would be video screen projection, flat screens, draping, LED up-wall lighting, intelligent moving head lights, table pin spot lights, custom trademark or name gobos as well as many other choices.

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