Monday, November 28, 2011

How To Dress For A First Date (For Men)

By Ashley Bridge

On a first date, the impressions you make on a new lady will become very important. Of course, the first impression she'll register will always relate to your general physical appearance. Therefore, it's really vital to make an effort in this area by wearing an outfit that will appeal to her feminine sensibilities. There actually is a "safe" first-date ensemble for that is likely to resonate with almost any woman. This type of outfit is comprised of a dark-blue blazer, a pair of crisp pressed jeans (or cotton pants), and a cotton shirt with a collar. Dockers are a good choice for cotton pants, and so are the casual pants sold by Banana Republic or the Gap. Choose traditional khaki beige, or go for darker pants if you want a slimming effect. However, it's not a good idea to wear a matching two-piece suit or monochrome pants and jacket- you should never look like you're heading for a corporate meeting. Your shirt can be lighter in tone - white is always nice, and so is pale blue...if you like, choose a striped or checked shirt to add a little pizazz to your first-date outfit.

Getting dressed for your big date is mostly about staying as appropriate as you can possibly be - consider where you'll be going on the date, and how other people will likely be dressed while they are there. True elegance and style is always about wearing the right thing at the right time - people who are dressed correctly for an activity or event will exude confidence and a sense of ease in their own skin. So, be sure to boost your own confidence by checking out a restaurant or event hall before you arrive for your date - observe the crowds and see how people are dressed. Then, adjust your first-date outfit based on your observations. For example, if everyone at a restaurant is wearing a tie (customers, not staff), you should wear one, too. If you need to, call a venue and inquire about what you should wear. However, you should never stray too far from the classic date night outfit.

To look your best on your date, you must pay careful attention to your grooming; this begins with excellent cleanliness. In the shower, wash your hair and face with great-smelling products that are designed just for men - Nivea and Dove make all-purpose body washes that don't smell too strong. Once you're out of the shower, moisturize with a gentle, effective product, and then let the lotion sink in. If you feel too shiny, simply blot your face with a tissue before you go out. Wearing deodorant, brushing your teeth and gargling with mouthwash are also important facets of male grooming. Give yourself a close shave (if you don't have a beard) and add more moisturizer if your skin feels dry after shaving. Style your hair, get dressed, and feel confident that you look your very best. Avoid heavy colognes - most women really don't like them.

To style your date night ensemble of jacket, shirt and pants, add the right accessories. If you're into fashion, express yourself through your wristwatch and shoes. While dark brown or black shoes will always work, you can also consider shoes in grey, light-brown, or charcoal. You watch says a lot about you, so choose to wear a timepiece that send the right signals to your date. Women know a fair bit about watches, and some ladies may even check them out to see how expensive they are. If you can afford it, buy a wristwatch that is a status symbol (such as an Omega or Tag-Heuer); you'll never regret such a purchase, as they last forever, and it will definitely send a message of affluence that many women respond to. Of course, if you don't want to be liked for your income alone, feel free to wear a cool and trendy Swatch or Timex that shows your style without being an obvious status symbol.

The traditional "first date" outfit we've talked about here is one the best ways to put her at ease as you enjoy your first night (or day) out. Once you've got your first date outfit organized, you can relax, knowing that you're wearing what she really likes to see on a man. This type of appropriate dressing will boost your confidence and amp up your chances of really connecting with a special lady. Wearing the right outfit may even set the stage for a truly romantic experience - one that you both remember for a long time.

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