Thursday, November 17, 2011

Increasing Your Traffic With Effective Website Design

By Michal Foster

Keeping clients beats obtaining new ones, that's what many businesses believe in. There's nothing wrong with broadening your market and extending to different customers, but because businesses depend on the commitment of their customers, they make it a point not to lose any of them. In online business, this is also correct. Getting new visitors to your website is good; it means they have acknowledged that you exist. However, you will also keep on losing them if you don't have anything interesting to give them. Make your website design absorbing enough to get them to come back.

A great website design understands that visual design is significant in online business, but not as important as substance. Although color, layout, and images play a large function, content and frequent maintenance of the site are likewise essential. If someone stumbles upon your website while he's looking for a certain item, he may not be happy to visit it again if you can't give him something that he hasn't seen in your website already.

Keep your website design current and interesting to make one-time visitors loyal customers. Even if you are selling the same old service, update the photos, provide more details, and present new information on how they can assist readers.

A stable maintenance for your website can also rid of outdated texts and broken links, which frequently annoy visitors and discourage them from browsing your website more. You can clean those out if you often alter the content and design of your site.

But all these won't do a lot to the traffic of your website if you don't have a good SEO or search engine optimization. Even if you add fresh content and layout to your website design, it still won't rank high on search engines like Google and Yahoo if your site is not search-optimized. You first need to remain visible on the first pages of search engines to let Web visitors know that they can visit your site before you can persuade them to return.

Merely putting up a site doesn't help you win consumers in today's very competitive online market. Continuous website design upkeep and effective SEO are the keys to staying on top.

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