Sunday, November 20, 2011

Making the Perfect Mens Wedding Bands White Gold Choices

By Edina Stone

For a groom, turning up on time is the most important wedding day responsibility, however it goes a bit further than that. The wedding day responsibilities of a groom are somewhat simple and logical, and all come down to showing responsibility. Many men are a little laid back when it comes to timing, helping our or how many beers they have consumed, but on their wedding day, it is the one day they really need to show organization.

However, many men of the 21st century have reached a point of wedding enlightenment. Some know that as active participants in the planning stages, they are scoring huge points! My husband was full of ideas and opinions when it came to planning our special day. He and I designed our wedding cake. We both visited each potential wedding location. We chose favors together. Now I know that he was not busting at the seams with excitement during the entire process, but I know that his input made it all the more special.

Other metals used in wedding rings include silver, platinum, palladium and stainless steel. Silver has always been considered the cheap cousin to gold so a silver wedding ring was said to be a 'cheap' ring often reflecting the state of the wedding itself. There is no doubt that the silver white finish that silver provides is popular - this is why white gold and platinum have become popular. Platinum is popular amongst the well-to-do. It is considerably more expensive than gold or silver and considerably tougher when it comes to durability. In fact, platinum in its pure state is the opposite to pure gold. Where one is very soft, the other is extremely hard and difficult to form into jewelry pieces. Like gold, platinum is mixed with other metals, this time to soften it and make it a little more malleable.

Need to add a little color to your paste white skin? Spend a few days tanning, get yourself a nice golden glow. But go tanning before you go to the spa! Now back to that manicure, notice the first three letters -MAN- so see there's no shame in getting a manicure. Have nice smooth fingernails, no bride wants to be scratched while her groom slides the wedding band on her finger.

What many people don't realize is that both white gold and platinum are rather dull in appearance when made into jewelry pieces like wedding rings. Once the ring has been made, it is plated with another metal known as rhodium. It is the rhodium plating that gives these rings the brilliant white shiny finish - not the white gold or platinum. Rhodium also helps to make the rings more durable providing a tough coating over the alloys. To ensure you wedding rings maintain that durable quality along with its luster, it need re-plating with rhodium every 3-4 years. Eighteen carat yellow gold wedding rings remain the most popular around the world. This is despite the fact they are easily bent out of shape and not durable when it comes to wear and tear - but then, when it comes to tradition, who thinks about small factors like wear and tear?

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