Sunday, November 20, 2011

The New World of Tungsten Carbide Wedding Jewelry

By Haven Meriman

The possibilities to customize stylish durable tungsten rings are a major part of what's made them such a craze as wedding jewelry and for everyday wear alike. Of many options for accenting and personalizing these tough and modern rings, a few styles stand out.

Tungsten Celtic wedding bands represent a rich history and tradition and are a unique way to celebrate the art and ingenuity of one's Celtic ancestors. The Celtic tungsten rings on this page include designs that capture religious Christian iconography; interlaced, decorative knot patterns representing never-ending love; and the storied Claddagh, a token of fidelity steeped in folklore and custom.

Tungsten carbide exhibits a cool, gun-metal shine that exudes strength, and tungsten rings provide an everlasting durability that resists scratching. Styles like tungsten Celtic wedding bands are precision laser etched with intricate and handsome designs to express your personal sense of fashion and identity. These rings are not specific only to weddings but can serve as an everyday men's ring. Also, the laser etched designs are not limited to Celtic imagery-- if you prefer something edgier and modern, you might find laser-etched designs featuring barbed wire, fiery flames, tribal motifs, and more.

Other tungsten rings represent interpersonal relationships, and the best-known types of tungsten rings are among these. Friendship tungsten rings are popular in certain regions, and one might have trouble finding anyone in the modern world unfamiliar with the engagement tungsten ring or wedding band and what they mean. One style of tungsten ring that notably serves many functions is the claddagh tungsten ring, an Irish symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship. The latter makes it quite popular as a friendship tungsten ring (especially as a gift), and claddagh tungsten rings can also serve as engagement and wedding bands with the hand on which it's worn and the direction of the heart's point indicating the wearer's status.

Another classic ring profiles is the flat, or pipe cut, shape. These rings are perhaps the simplest type of wedding band design.

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