Saturday, November 19, 2011

Stylish Wedding Band Fashions for the Cutting-edge Wedding Day

By Felicia Chase

Tungsten wedding bands are an increasingly popular choice for soon-to-be-married men. Though not exclusive to male rings, its industrial design, smooth finish, weight and durability are symbols of masculinity and strength. Most metals have both positive and negative aspects, though, and tungsten is no exception.

Tungsten rings are actually safer to wear due to the hardness. The Hard metal ring will protect your finger rather than bend into it in the case of force. A true tungsten carbide ring can also be easily cracked off by any medical professional. A standard vice grip locked to the ring and cracked several times around the circumference will cause the ring to break into pieces and fall right off!

The color of tungsten carbide is a very appealing light gray, similar to the color of steel. It's extremely bright and reflective when polished, and when a finish is applied to a tungsten carbide wedding band, the gray is more pronounced, allowing wonderful contrasts for traditional or contemporary designs. The subtle gray color is also an excellent backdrop for precious metal inlays like platinum, palladium, sterling silver, and gold.

While hospitals and emergency workers are usually equipped for such a scenario, tungsten is too hard to be cut off by standard ring cutters. It is possible, but it requires vice grip pliers and considerable effort. Complications can arise if the wearer is in a situation that prevents the ring from being easily accessed by pliers.

In Case of Emergency...Can Tungsten Rings be Cut Off? Tungsten rings can be cut off in case of an emergency just about as easy as a ring made with a different type of metal can be. There are tools specially made for cutting tungsten and titanium jewelry. Tungsten rings can also be broken into pieces using a pliers or other similar tool should there be a case for it. Most hospitals in this day and age have all the necessary tools for situations like cutting off a ring. Don't let the rumor that tungsten rings aren't able to be cut off in case of an emergency fool you! Just like any other metal, a tungsten ring can be cut should it need to be.

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