Friday, November 4, 2011

The Truth Behind Church Growth and How a Church Website Help Achieve It

By Chad Gleaves

The Truth Behind Church growth has never been my curiosity, until I went by a church inside down town area. It really altered my view about church, being the holy place for community praise as well as acquaintances.

Within the masses that I get attended before, It's my job to see apathetic Christians talking while the priest is having his homily, or a female wearing a sexy top sleeveless and skirt in the church, or a businessman answering a phone speak to the middle of the Holy Eucharist. With this view of concrete realities, I have come to realize there's something more beyond that which you can see. Upon passing by a small praise house, I was genuinely amazed. Who would have got thought that despite as being a minority in terms of figures, the church manages to develop a real faith-based worship house? There were just 7 of them inside, however they were all patiently tuning in and feeling every word that comes out of your mouth of their priest.

You can even say that these people pray whole-heartedly because of the intensive emotions that they put on their prayers. However asked myself, in church, what is it actually that matters the most? What is the church advertising that they are doing for his or her church marketing?

What is Church growth? Usually, Believers interpret this phrase by associating The Truth Guiding church website with numbers. The increase of church regular membership is tantamount for you to church growth, but is this the case? Is it merely the numbers that make any difference in this phrase? Honestly, the interpretation provided a while ago was a really shallow one. There's something more deeply than that. By growth, it means there should be expansion and improvement of one's trust to God. In the place of worship, it will always be your goal to have a more detailed link with God and direct yourself to The almighty. It wasn't just for the sake of having a lot more members. What would you do which has a hundred church people when only Your five of them know the actual essence of being the Christian? What distinction does it make for those who have thousands of members with a hundred faithful christ-followers compared to a church which has a hundred members, of which all are faithful followers?

Goal of Church As what I have stated above, the goal of church-goers is to become acquainted with God's words and phrases and deeds. You might have that drive to produce a relationship with The almighty, founded on love. I also concede for the fact the churches also aim to have got wider concentrations of members across the area. However, this is merely one of them. I believe inside the hierarchy of goals, that every goal has its corresponding ranks along the way. Superficial goals, for example increasing the numbers of account, are on the lower rank. On the other hand, a much deeper moral goal of developing a True Christian Community should be prioritized around those which are superficial and church growth must be offered prior attention. In accordance with God's words, there are items in this world which con man, but shortly as man finds out the things that are more important, he/she can escape your deceitful reality involving materialism.

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