Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wedding MC Duties - dealing with problems on the big day

By Ted Davidsen

You've been asked to be the Master of Ceremonies at a wedding and you have planned the Wedding MC duties well. You're feeling extremely prepared and have covered all your basis, but you get to the reception hall before the guests and discover the sound system is not working. What do you do? These are the kinds of Problems that may arise at a reception and you must be prepared to deal with them. All of the preparation in the world can't help you if the sound system comes to a decision to play nasty on the day of the reception. In a case like this, you ought to have the quantity of the folks that set up the sound system to call right away and have the matter resolved.

The truth is, some things are out of your control no matter how prepared your are. For example, you get to the reception and everything is attractive, the cake is beautiful and better than you presumed it would look. The final preparations are being prepared in the room and someone knocks into the table where the cake is placed and it comes crashing to the floor. Manifestly, this is a tragedy, but you would need to call the cake decorator straight away and see whether there is anything they can do. You are there as the MC to make sure everything runs smoothly and sometimes accidents and misfortunes occur, even on a wedding.

One of the finest methods of coping with Problems which will arise at the reception is to have a listing of everyone's number that is concerned in setting up the room. That way, you are not running around wasting time trying hard to get numbers, you've got everything arranged and then you can begin making the right calls. Also, always go to the wedding reception area before the marriage begins because folks will be going there straight after the occassion, so you'll need to be certain everything is in order.

In addition, make sure you are the 1st one to arrive after the marriage to the reception hall, as you can double-check everything and be prepared as the guests begin arriving. While you can't envision if Problems may arise, you may be prepared for them beforehand. This way if something comes up, you stay calm and in control, which is an element of your duties as the MC.

Ultimately, many people have too much to drink at receptions , therefore , if you see someone that is drunk, ensure you ask someone to drive them home or take their keys away from them. Finally, do not drink too much yourself, the last thing you want is to become lagered as the Master of Ceremonies because you will embarrass yourself and the bride and bridegroom. If you are frightened, have just one drink to make sure you stay alert and sober.

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