Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wedding Photographers: Film Vs Digital

By John Jones

When shopping for wedding rings for men, the groom to be will be faced with a multitude of options; from inexpensive, simple bands to diamond encrusted masterpieces costing tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

With the introduction of digital camera technology the industry has seen huge changes. These days the cost of film and processing can be prohibitively expensive. Availability is generally limited to a small number of remaining professional labs and prices for film are steadily increasing as the demand lessens and production drops accordingly. Recent years have seen the closure of many film manufacturers and those that do still wedding related dressesexist have ceased producing all the emulsions they once did. It is however, not only for financial reasons that one may consider film to be the lesser option for photographing a wedding.

As digital technology has advanced the image quality continues to progressively improve. Initially digital camera technology could not match the quality of film, and to some extent this judgment on digital cameras has stuck in people's minds, and they continue to assume film will be better quality. There is however more to this story. If we were to consider large format film it is true that this can still outshine the quality of digital - the reality is however that such a format is not suitable for many applications, wedding photography included. Thus we must compare apples with apples to make a fair comparison.

The next factor to consider is what metal, and what purity of metal, is going to work for you. The overwhelming majority of men's wedding bands are gold, typically 14k or 18k. Depending on style, these rings typically are priced in the $500 -$2500 dollar range.

There are several etiquette and traditions for both the ceremony and reception. Nevertheless, every bride and groom is different and every wedding unique. Ultimately, the wedding belongs to you, and so whatever you decide to do for your bridal favors are the best thing for you- after all, it's your special day!

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