Monday, November 28, 2011

Why You Need a Wedding Planner for Large Weddings

By Melanie Stolker

If you have the budget and can't seem to reduce that wedding guest list for fear of offending anyone, then you need to have a large elaborate wedding. Small intimate weddings are great informal affairs, but if you have a large extended family and a wide circle of friends, then a small wedding just won't do.

However, you need to fully aware of the implication for going large, so to speak. There is an enormous amount of planning and much of it needs to be done months, or even a year in advance. Churches or other places that cater for wedding ceremonies get booked well in advance. The same applies for large reception venues.

Sorting all the arrangements for a large wedding yourself is a daunting task. It may end up detracting from the purpose; that is to have a terrific wedding day that your guests and most importantly you and your partner enjoy. From the moment you decide to get married, the arrangements are likely to take up all of your time. Stress levels start to get raised, arguments begin and sometimes the whole thing can end in a wedding being cancelled.

You can avoid all this by using the services of a professional wedding planner. You have already decided on a large wedding which will undoubtedly be expensive, so it makes sense to include in your budget the cost of a company arranging everything.

Think about great it would be to leave almost everything to the wedding planner. Once you have decided on the company you are using they will come around and work everything out with you in the comfort of your own home. They will provide advice and bring ideas to the table that you may not have thought of. They will also work within your budget.
Every so often you meet up with wedding planners to run through how things are going. If any problems occur it's the wedding planner's job to sort them out. If you suddenly decide you want to make some changes then a quick call to the wedding planner and they get on with it.

Using the services of a wedding planner leaves you and others to get on with the more intimate and stress-free parts of planning knowing that the difficult and time consuming parts are being dealt with by professionals. Until you have experienced it, you won't know what a great difference using a wedding planner is. However, if you have friends that have arranged a large wedding in the past, you can probably get a good idea about how stressful the whole thing is by having a chat to them. While they may play it down a little, especially if a few years have passed, they will still have memories of some of the more stressful moments.

Research fully before you make your decision on which planner to use. Get testimonials from companies and even make contact with them to check everything worked out well. If you have any doubts about a wedding planner, go elsewhere. Your wedding days is an important occasion and things must go to plan.

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