Friday, January 20, 2012

5 Tips For Choosing a Dazzling Party Dress

By John Jones

Everybody wants some party dresses in their wardrobe. Well, they are absolutely necessary. After all, you don't want to attend all the parties wearing the same old dress that you have. What's more, the trends on fashion keep on changing every once in a while. So, a dress that you have bought a couple of years back may not be trendy anymore. Naturally, you will like to buy something that is modern, smart and something that will draw attention from others. This is where buying party dresses becomes challenging.

It is important to choose the right colours to flatter your figure. If you have a small frame and an athletic figure try not to wear a Bridesmaid Dresses that is too bright. This will swamp a small frame. Instead, go for darker or pastel colours and accessorise to brighten up the outfit. If you have a larger figure, you can use colours to draw attention to the parts of you you feel most comfortable with. A two tone dress with a darker lower half may suit pear shapes. This season's two part dresses may be ideal, they tend to feature a bright coloured top attached to a black skirt.

The style of the dress is equally important when dressing to flatter your shape. If you have an apple shaped figure, you should go for dresses that are not too clingy. Short loose mini dresses particularly suit this shape as they will show off your legs. You can hide a tummy with a dress design that is nipped in just above the waist. These styles are particularly fashionable this season. If you have an hourglass figure, a fitted dress will cling to your curves and accentuate your small waist. This Christmas, Ra Ra style dresses are popular. These work extremely well with pear shaped figures. They feature a flowing skirt which will disguise areas such as the thighs, and a fitted top which will accentuate a smaller top half.

Party dresses are available in different price ranges. However, it will be better if you don't go by price as it may not always be a great indicator of the quality of the dress. Sometimes, you will get a better dress at a cheaper price. So, first consider the quality and then only look at the price. Make sure that you are not buying anything cheap. In general, a party dress can cost you anything between $50 and $500.

Tips: Order your dress only from a reputable business. Print your receipt and read all terms and conditions....especially the return policy. Make sure a secure payment process is used to order online (such as PayPal) with numerous shipping options. Some online women's clothing stores offer express shipping and global delivery at a low price. Avoid cheap prices if you can't verify the quality of the dress material. You'll want to buy a party dress that not only fits well, but one that is also durable in the material with easy wash and care needs.

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