Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ask your Wedding DJ more than just how much he takes?

By David Van Der Bos

The very first thing many people ask thr prospective wedding DJ how much do they charge, bt this isn't the only thing h b thinking bt whn deciding who to book to be in charge of the entertainment on r wedding day. Here is a short tick list of things you need to ask potential DJ when you contact them about playing at your wedding reception.

How much control do I have over the music?

Your DJ should be pleased for you to have as much or as little input into the music as you like. Lot's of couples have put together a list of songs and they demand that only music on their list is to be played at their reception, This regularly isn't an excellent idea as though it is your large wedding day you do also need to think about your guests as you'll need them to have a great time too.

Who will actually be DJing at my Wedding?

Make sure that the person you speak on the phone to about your booking is actually the person who will be DJing at your wedding. Some agencies have a muster of DJ's on their books that they use for weddings and lots of corporations outsource work, so sometimes the person you talk to and get to know isn't the individual who will be DJing at your wedding.

Is the DJ experienced in playing at Weddings?

You wish to book a Disc Jockey that is experienced with working at weddings previous. Find out how many years experience the DJ has. Many DJ's start up disco enterprises with no experience thinking this could be simple ' these people customarily use inexpensive and nasty, unreliable kit and do not know about music.

S hopefully I've shown here, that thr r tons more qtn t k r potential wedding DJ thn how much do they charge. If you spend some time getting nwr t r qtn before you book the DJ for your wedding day, it n mean the difference between a superb wedding reception or a catastrophic wedding reception. You should treat choosing your wedding DJ as vital as selecting your venue!

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