Friday, January 6, 2012

Beach Wedding Dresses

By John Jones

Choosing your wedding dress is most likely going to be one of your key moments as a bride to be. It has to be perfect in every way, yet the search to track down 'the one' can occasionally prove more difficult than you envisaged. The bridal gown you fell in love with when leafing through the wedding magazines which you were so certain was going to give you butterflies in your tummy and tears when you tried it on, may not work for you, no matter how amazing it looked on the model.

A good starting point is to work out what body shape you are. Most models you see wearing wedding dresses in the magazines are a 'triangle' shape, however the vast majority of us ladies are shaped like a pear. Once you have sussed out the shape you are it will make the whole experience of dress shopping more fulfilling. You will look more beautiful and feel at ease in a bridal gown that flatters your figure and suits your body shape. So find your shape, find your style and let us help you find that wedding dresses uk cheap sale!

Pear Shaped is the most common body shape. If your hips are wider than your shoulders and your waist is shapely, then we suggest you opt for a fairly full A line shape skirt to hide your hips with a strapless fitted bodice to show off your upper half. Diagonal ruching and draping on the bodice accentuates your waist. Empire lines are also a great option. Bias, mermaid and straight cut dresses will draw too much attention on your hips as will gathered and pleated skirts.

Some people skip white for beach wedding dresses, and that is fine as well. You can go with any beach theme that you want. You may find some people tell you what you have to wear, but in all reality it is your wedding. If you want to get married in your bikini with a great looking wrap for your wedding, that is what you should do. Those that love you and know you well will not be surprised if you make a personal choice that reflects who you are as a couple.

Just as important as what you look for in beach wedding dresses is what you look for in your wedding shoes. Go with what works on the beach of your choice. If you are going to be in the sand, a pair of high heels is not going to work, even if you think they look the best. You can go barefoot if you wish, just make sure the sand is racked and cleared so no one gets hurt. Flip flops are a more modern choice for some brides, and some go with satin slippers. Looking good is important, but the best shoes in the world won't matter if you cannot walk in the sand with them.

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