Saturday, January 21, 2012

Best Senior Prom Dress

By Dan Waters

Promenade night is the most enthralling night of highschool life-and the most anticipated. It is the night for dressing in your best clothes and making an impression that would last as long as your earliest recollections. Dressing up for the promenade night is every girl's dream.

Promenade dresses are typically formal party robes, long and smoothly striking. Promenade dresses may be based primarily on the theme of the party or they can just be normal ball gowns. There is no traditional way to define the "best promenade dress". It is the one that would make you feel beautiful and convey the right image-sweet, innocent, horny or stunning. The most well liked promenade dresses are satin, sequined, vintage fashions, the tiny black dress, the asymmetrical hem dress, the hanky hem and the classic Cinderella ball gown.

Promenade dresses can be purchased straight from retail shops or they can be carefully and lovingly designed for the best effect. Since it's the last formal occasion in class, most would not hesitate to spend a bit more on the prom dress. Promenade dresses can also be designed professionally to suit the actual body type and measurements. It is highly important that the dress fits wonderfully. For reaching this, get the precise measurements of your body, especially the bust, waist and hips. You don't have to be an ideal size 10 to look pretty. There is a dress available for each body from A-type to hourglass.

Color plays a role in the big night, too. Find one that compliments your coloring choosing from slimming muted shades like deep grey, wine, forest green, burgundy, midnight blue and cocoa or choose neutral colours like silver, black, gray, beige, gold and taupe for a complimentary look. Long straight cuts and vertical patterns also make the wearer look slim and attractive. The material should skim the body. Clingy material accentuates fuller figures. Also pay attention to accessories since they complete your look.

There are several online outlets that provide gorgeous prom dresses. These sites also provide information about choosing the proper sort of prom dress and also help to design one. These include dresses from preferred designers like Jovani, Riva, Alyce, Mori Lee, Cassandra, Je Matadi, Tiffany and Celebrity.

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