Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Best Thoughtful and Unforgettable Proposal Tips

By Helen Zbornik

Eternity rings make great gifts for many occasions. The birth of a child can really spark a flood of new emotions and mark a special time in a couple's life. An eternity ring can represent this new life that you are embarking on together. Eternity rings make very beautiful wedding bands.

Half eternity rings feature stones that go half way around the ring - an alternative to eternity rings with stones that go completely around the setting. Half eternity rings are often the choice of people who prefer larger sized diamonds or other precious gems in the ring setting. Eternity rings can be worn for many different reasons and they often symbolize an important occasion or time of life. Full and half eternity wedding bands are a popular choice for sentimental reasons. Men and women who choose eternity wedding bands often choose them to signify eternal love and trust.

There are two types of eternity rings to choose from. Full eternity rings have diamonds (or other stones) that go all the way around. These are very beautiful rings with the maximum amount of sparkle. They sometimes cost a little more than half eternity rings because they have to be custom fitted.

If you plan to buy an eternity ring, you must also decide on the appropriate time at which to do it. Sometimes, the ring is bought before marriage, though this is relatively rare. In actuality, there is no set time at which an eternity ring must be purchased. Recently, the one year anniversary has become vogue, but many think that one year is a poor representation of eternity.

Half eternity rings have the stones only on top of the ring. Having exposed precious metal on the bottom of the ring makes it possible to have it sized. Another benefit of the half eternity ring is that you can put bigger stones in it. This makes for a more dazzling display of diamonds (or other stones). Some believe that half eternity rings are slightly more comfortable, but jewelers keep comfort in mind when designing both types of eternity rings, so feel free to pick the one that you are drawn to. Keep all of these things in mind when selecting the eternity ring that is right for your special someone. You are sure to have a special moment in the giving of your eternity ring, followed by a lifetime of love and memories.

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