Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Choosing Colored Wedding Dresses

By John Jones

When considering the multitude of wedding dresses out there that you could choose from for your wedding it's pretty easy to focus on style, but forget that there are different color options available to you. In fact light pastels, pinks and even reds are becoming more sought after, so let's look at whether these could work for you:Whilst many brides consider white to be the only color for a wedding, these days we are seeing more and more brides turning to different colors in order to stand out, follow a theme or just do something memorable.

Make sure the color of your wedding gown complements your skin tone and hair color. Some colors can enhance your coloring and some can not. For instance, colors like blue or brown may not be appropriate for dark skin brides as they will make your skins look darker, while bright shades will work well with you.

Consider your theme and color scheme of your wedding before choosing the color of your wedding gown. The hue of your wedding dress must be in harmony with the wedding ensembles, but it does not mean that the bride and bridesmaid should wear the gowns with the same color. If you are to hold an extremely formal wedding, you may not put on a Blue Evening Dresses with a bold color.

Vintage inspired beaded sheaths were a gorgeous style that was shown by some designers for 2012 weddings. Jenny Packham in particular showcased numerous fluid gowns with incredible embroidery and beadwork. There were beaded chiffon gowns that skim the body and slinky draped satiny halter gowns like something out of the Golden Age of Hollywood. It would be fun to play up the retro nature of these chic Blue Evening Dresses with crystal chandelier bridal jewelry. Pnina Tornai had her own take on vintage style sheath bridal gowns, with plenty of her signature jeweled accents. Ultra glamorous cz bridal jewelry would be just the thing to accent one of Pnina's eye-popping sheaths.

Colored wedding dresses may not have to be big and bold. You can blend a little bit of complementary colors into your wedding dress to add that wow factor to your wedding day. For example, you can choose a bold red sash to decorate your pale pink wedding dress. Of course, the colors you are to select should be pleasing to the eye when mixed together. There are some color combos such as yellow and blue, red and green, black and white or red and white that all can create a stunning visual effect when combined.

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