Thursday, January 19, 2012

Country Western Wedding Ceremonies Are Favored And Can Be Reasonable

By Steven Barnhart

A whimsical western bride ropes her groom and they ride off into the horizon rings on their fingers, hearts branded together and their friends left gasping at the image of the bride, the wedding ceremony, and wedding gifts with a down home country and western flavor!

Are you having a wedding that Johnny Cash and his band of Highway Men would tip their hats too? Country weddings are more popular than dirt these days for a band of reasons including the cost, the wild totally open views, and even to respect those whom own the property by having your important day or reception on their ranch!

If you have saddled up with a cowboy and it is time to seal the deal in a ceremony that reflects our heritage either in the sticks or under the massive lights of the city you want country wedding ideas! Wedding favors and decorations that are direct reflection of your union, the lifestyle and America! Decorations your wedding guests will bring home to have a memento of your down home union!

Good news for Brides with country in their hearts. Country wedding party ideas are really simply a click away. Let us start at the very top! The top of the wedding cake should reflect who you both are and there are plenty of options to reflect that statement! Bride and groom on a hay bale, horseshoe cake tops and back turned to each other, gun in hand, classic dual bride-to-be and bridegroom cake crests.

If you have gone country with your wedding ceremony and everything from the guest book to the table tops needs a little bit of country spice, there are a mixed bag of country western wedding favors and decorations that you can take from. You are only limited by your imagination, your finances and the size of the reception area.

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