Sunday, January 29, 2012

Creating Your Best Image

By Marjorie J McDonald

The first months of every year are such an ideal time to refresh your wardrobe. Starting with discovering who you are and how to dress for it, many of us have had big a-ha's around why their garments are not working and the few tiny tweaks it will take to move their wardrobe from drab to cool, see their confidence boosted and their image refreshed time after time.

For women to dress for who they are authentically and create a fashion which they like, it takes some significant evaluation about your wardrobe and lifestyle wants. Many ladies feel disconnected from themselves and their true style, or have not truly known what their style is. A lot have had closets filled with clothing that is all over the map when it comes to style and it creates an image that is less than consistent.

But more than this, not knowing what your true style is can cause you spend a heap extra cash in the longer term and to buy stuff that just hang in your wardrobe. You could have the best of plans when you buy them, but somehow they just are not actually you - and it can be tough to admit that you spent your hard earned cash on something that is never going to see the light.

When you get down to basics, similar things pop up repeatedly. Almost all of the time it is because the clothing that goes together is not clear to you. If you stand in front of your wardrobe wondering just what to wear every morning is a result of that misinterpretation. It can be a huge letdown day after day to stare at the hundreds and thousands of dollars ' worth of clothing that you have acquired, only to still feel that you do not have any clothes.

So to get clear about what fashion image will work for you, your way of life and activities you enjoy doing and sort out the clothing in your closet to match that image is something that will be definitely worth your effort.

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