Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dressing For The Party At The Horse Races

By Byron Jonas

People conform to dress codes at special occasions. Women tend to wear evening dresses to formal occasions and short dresses at cocktail parties. Dressing up to a theme is done for fancy dress. The party at the horse races usually focuses on hats, which is a more traditional accessory.

Even though fashion is a personal choice dress codes provide parameters for acceptable dress. Events like balls are glitzy affairs that see women dressed to the nines in glittery dresses and jewelry. Scarves and gloves can be added to outfits to dress them up. Men are usually in suits and ties. It is still possible to maintain some individuality within a dress code.

When dining out, smart casual dress is usually the attire of choice for most. This is quite an open ended category but it usually means that open toed shoes or short pants are not permitted after dark. Some establishments enforce that men wear buttoned shirts and do not permit sneakers to be worn. Some places may insist a jacket is worn.

Fancy dress events offer a more playful atmosphere. They are enjoyed by adults and children alike. Interpreting the theme is usually up to you and the occasion generally calls for something more outrageous than usual. These outfits can even be homemade. It is a bit rude if you are invited to one of these events and you do not dress up.

Black tie is a very formal dress code, and not the kind of function that ordinary people go to on a regular basis. This is usually the dress code stipulated for glitzy awards ceremonies. Women still wear long dresses as they would for formal events but they are more opulent and expensive. Tuxedos are the most popular choice of clothing for men but tops and tails can still be seen at these events sometimes.

The dress code for cocktail parties is both comfortable and fashionable. Although most women will wear short dresses they are also permitted to wear skirts or trouser if they like. It is still a trendy scene and the outfits still impressive. Men are afforded a bit more leeway with being allowed an opportunity to wear open shirts but long pants and decent shoes are still required. The brief is comfort and fashion.

Dress codes give people boundaries in terms of what they can wear to special occasions. Short dresses are commonly worn to cocktail parties while long dresses are reserved for formal events and black tie. Restaurant eating calls for a more smart casual approach. The party at the horse races usually features people in hats.

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