Monday, January 23, 2012

Finding the Eternity Band Rings of Your Dreams!

By Barbara Goodman

It means forever, the diamonds go all the way around, meaning the love you have for that person is a continuous circle that never ends. When you give an eternity ring, it means that you will cherish that person for always, that nothing can break the love you two have for each other. Each diamond on the band can signify all the different moments you have already shared: first date, first kiss, year anniversary, engagement, marriage, honeymoon, and children. If your life has not lead you to accomplish all these important stages just yet, the ring can it can still hold special significance, it will mean the future you want together with that person by your side. Each time your one and only looks down at her hand she will remember all that you two together have already shared, and will continue to do so.

If there were one kind of ring that exemplifies eternal sparkle and beauty, that would be the diamond eternity ring. Long before, diamond eternity rings were already described as the as the best "dress" or the "best wedding ring" because its endless or eternal loop is great symbol of love that would last for eternity. Generally, all diamond eternity rings are set with a stone or diamond set. These are categorized as a "full eternity" ring-that has stones set completely around the shank-and a "half eternity" ring-which has stones set partially around the shank. Today, many eternity rings come multi-stranded or plaited, among other themes or designs.

Because eternity bands have to measure a specific carat weight and be available in different sizes, the diamonds that are chosen must add up to the right total carat weight, be uniformly sized, and all qualify for the desired color and clarity grades. This can be challenging depending on the number of diamonds needed to form the eternity band of that particular size.

In a jewelry store, two diamonds may look alike but they can be very different and just like two diamonds of equal size that have very different values. The four qualities of a diamond namely color, clarity, cut and carat weight determine the real value of the gem you are looking for. These standards are also applicable to most gemstones.

An eternity ring means just that, eternal love. Most engagement rings are diamond because diamonds are one of the toughest minerals on Earth, if not the toughest. It is virtually unbreakable, which makes it perfect for an engagement ring. A promise, a promise of love and commitment that will not be destroyed. Now how can we make that promise, mean even more? What can we wear daily from a loved one, to remind us that no matter what, our love is forever? While one diamond can mean so much, the unbreakable bond, because a diamond is so durable, imagine what a whole band of diamonds can represent for your loved one.

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