Sunday, January 29, 2012

Make the Smart Mens Titanium Wedding Bands Choice

By Felicia Chase

Most of the pre-wedding hype about rings is often focused on the bride's engagement ring, or even the ring she has chosen as her wedding band, but very little emphasis is placed on the groom's wedding ring. Like any wedding ring, it is expected that it will be with you for the rest of your life, therefore it is important for both partners to be happy with their choice of ring. This makes choosing the wedding ring just as important for the groom as it does for the bride.

The least expensive rings often have the most meaning to a couple, and need not even match. Some couples go the route of using rings from each of the families' heirloom collections. These people wear rings from ancestors they were particularly close with, either emotionally, or in size, and may even include descriptions of the relationships in the wedding vows. Some of these couples use the family heirlooms as starter rings when they first marry, especially if they do not have the means to afford something else, and will buy more expensive rings as anniversary gifts later in the marriage.

Today's men would probably enjoy the various food tastings that go into planning weddings and receptions. This is the wonderful time when your potential cake creators and caterers shower you with various types of delicious cake and numerous varieties of fillings and frosting. Men would have to simply sit, eat, enjoy and lean more toward one than the other! Piece of cake, right?

Need to add a little color to your paste white skin? Spend a few days tanning, get yourself a nice golden glow. But go tanning before you go to the spa! Now back to that manicure, notice the first three letters -MAN- so see there's no shame in getting a manicure. Have nice smooth fingernails, no bride wants to be scratched while her groom slides the wedding band on her finger.

And above all else, do all that you can to make your bride's day the most special of her lifetime. You are marrying her because you love her and you want to spend the rest of your life with her, so make this day go as easy and stress-free as possible for your significant other, to remind her of why she wants to be your wife. But most importantly, enjoy it for yourself as well! This is your wedding, and hopefully your only wedding, so have fun, make it special and let the toasting begin!

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