Monday, January 16, 2012

Making the Correct Mens Diamond Wedding Bands Decisions

By Henrietta Baw

When planning a wedding, the choice of rings need not be expensive. Especially if one spouse or the other works with his or her hands, a less-expensive, less-ornate ring fits the bill better. Generally, men have an easier time with the idea of not spending as much on the wedding rings, as many prefer simpler ways of showing their new status in life.

Before you go out even to look, you might want to decide about how much you want to spend. You do not want to go out, find the perfect ring and then be unable to get it because you simply do not have the money. Some people do consider these items to splurge on because you might be wearing them every day and they are one of the most special pieces of jewelry that you will ever own. Also some stores offer financing.

You will have many choices of metals, and this will affect the look of the ring. A very popular one is gold. Even in this you will have choices. Many people get white or yellow gold. Within these you can get gold of different carats. 10k is cheaper, while 14k is very popular. 18k has a rich gold color and is a little more expensive. There are other less common ones as well such as rose gold and even darker golds. If you do not have as much money to spend you can get silver, but you will have to watch for tarnishing. Some people spend more and get platinum wedding bands. There are also some less common types of metals that you can find.

Need to add a little color to your paste white skin? Spend a few days tanning, get yourself a nice golden glow. But go tanning before you go to the spa! Now back to that manicure, notice the first three letters -MAN- so see there's no shame in getting a manicure. Have nice smooth fingernails, no bride wants to be scratched while her groom slides the wedding band on her finger.

Palladium is a good alternative to either white gold or platinum. It is more hypoallergenic and whiter than white gold while similar in price, and far less expensive than platinum. Although there are a few drawbacks to palladium, it provides an excellent alternative for a wedding band.

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