Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mens Tungsten Rings Are Classy and Chic

By Barbara Goodman

Designs that are both classic and fashion forward can be found in the tungsten jewelry market at large, and this is especially true of today's market as online retailers have made selections and possibilities almost infinite.

tungsten rings were once used as a form of identification, particularly among ruling classes and families, and these origins can still be seen today in the use of class tungsten rings for students, signet tungsten rings denoting a monogram or one's membership in an organization, and tungsten rings given as trophies for victory in competitions (for instance and perhaps most famously, the Super Bowl.)

Sleek, gorgeous black tungsten wedding bands in the category of black tungsten and ceramic jewelry are a bold and decisive choice among many more conventional styles. Of particular note are the ceramic versions of the most popular black tungsten wedding bands. As all-over black rings go, both the black tungsten ring and ceramic black ring styles have some great qualities.

Other tungsten rings represent interpersonal relationships, and the best-known types of tungsten rings are among these. Friendship tungsten rings are popular in certain regions, and one might have trouble finding anyone in the modern world unfamiliar with the engagement tungsten ring or wedding band and what they mean. One style of tungsten ring that notably serves many functions is the claddagh tungsten ring, an Irish symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship. The latter makes it quite popular as a friendship tungsten ring (especially as a gift), and claddagh tungsten rings can also serve as engagement and wedding bands with the hand on which it's worn and the direction of the heart's point indicating the wearer's status.

Another classic ring profiles is the flat, or pipe cut, shape. These rings are perhaps the simplest type of wedding band design.

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