Sunday, January 22, 2012

Not Just White Diamonds Any More: the Modern Eternity Band

By Cathy Dahl

Aside from Diamond Fashion Rings, fashion jewelry can encompass many types of jewelry that people like to wear to stand out from the crowd. For instance, your fashion jewelry may be composed of bracelets, earrings, cufflinks, pendants and necklaces, among many others. The list of possible kinds of fashion jewelry can go on indefinitely so long as people keep finding new ways to wear and use fashion jewelry.

That may be a satiric narrative but the subject is dead serious. Blood diamonds are used to fund wars and other brutal activities in certain parts of the world. Diamonds sold in this illicit trade promote violence and kill people; you want to make sure that your own non conflict diamonds.

The useful question would then be: How do I know if a diamond is a conflict diamond or a conflict free diamond? For practical purposes, the answer would really be: "There is no absolute way you can tell, especially if the diamond has already been polished." Difficult? Sure. This is challenging if you want to know whether or not the diamond you already own is "tainted". However, there are still some precautionary measures which are in place and which you can take in order to avoid purchasing a conflict diamond.

Some Diamond Fashion Rings have more than just diamonds set into them - they may also use precious and semi-precious stones as part of the pattern used by the jewelry designer. One common complement to diamonds in Diamond Fashion Rings is the pearl. Pearls seem to look good with diamonds so these two often go together in fashion jewelry.

In addition to "Certificate of Origin", some countries have set up their own measures in order to ensure that blood diamonds are not released in their markets.

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