Thursday, January 19, 2012

Not Only Diamonds Any More: the Latest Eternity Band

By Jaime Campbell

With custom designs and tailor-made jewelry sets available from various dealers today, maintaining a high fashion quotient has become easier for you. Also unconventionally cut diamonds on bands that highlight the stones have also become a hot favorite with the younger couples these days. So if you want to complement your unusual wedding dress or the atypical wedding venue, choose a colored or creatively cut stone for your ornament set.

Many sectors emphasize the difference between "clean" diamonds, often called non conflict diamonds and "blood diamonds". Even the UN General Assembly was quick to point out that diamonds mined and sold legally help the economy and promote prosperity in certain parts of Africa. In a resolution made in December 2000, they were also emphatic in stating that the sale of blood diamonds only brings about pain and suffering. That is why restrictions and standards have been put in place to differentiate non conflict diamonds from the blood diamonds.

But before you ever purchase your very first diamond jewelry, you should know the 4 C's of diamond purchasing. These terms are normally reserved for buyers who are going to purchase diamond in bulk, but it also pays to know what our diamonds are worth, too. These 4 C's are Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat Weight.

Most important of them all is the Cut, as the brilliance of a diamond is heavily reliant on this. Do not confuse it with the shape of the diamond, as the former refers to the reflective qualities of the diamond. It is the angles of the diamond that allow it to give that brilliance emanating from within. When the angles are perfectly proportional, you can expect that they are most brilliant.

Most likely if they are unwilling to help you out with your questions, they might have something to hide. They might be unable to answer you simply because they themselves do not have assurances as to the nature of their goods. Additionally, the jewelry company may not have educated their sales people on what conflict diamonds are about. In such instances, Amnesty suggests that you go some place else.

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