Friday, January 20, 2012

Party Dresses: Navigating The Masses For That Perfect Frock

By John Jones

Party dresses are the one item in your wardrobe where you can go all out and really have some fun. A great party dress should make you feel fabulous and comfortable all night, and let your personality really shine through. Whether you need a long and classy gown for a formal party; a short and sassy frock for your friend's birthday party; or a sleek cocktail dress for a swanky soiree, finding the right party dress should be an enjoyable process, not the stressful one many women experience! Plan your shopping itinerary and consider these tips before you embark on your search for this season's party dress...

Different kinds of dresses should be used for various parties as you will feel comfortable and convenient with the appropriate dress. Like you cannot wear a formal suit for a beach party or you cannot attend your office party in the casuals. There are different and innovative outfits available for all these parties with the latest style and trend in mind.

Look for unique details - Party wears are a cut above your everyday wear and should accordingly feature some extra special details. If bright colour isn't your thing, there are many ways you can elevate the LBD to a knock-out party dress: stand out in a luxurious fabric or interesting textured finish; look out for unique cuts and structure to add interest; go for an eye-catching print (if florals aren't your thing, recent technological advances have paved the way for some truly remarkable digital prints); or choose a frock with exquisite detail, from embroidery and embellishment to appliqu.

For the fairer sex, it still depends on the occasion. One can go with the full maxi dress or well designed gowns, which are designed specially for such occasions. The party dress for any non formal event should avoid tuxedos at all cost. You can wear with respect to the trend. You can also experiment different kind of clothes. Like, try wearing a casual pant with half-sleeve t-shirts for the usual Friday night parties. It looks quite sober and feels very comfortable.

Trust your instinct - It may sound obvious, but when buying a new party dress and potentially spending a significant sum of money, you need to genuinely like the dress, and consider whether you'd wear it again. Don't be seduced by a flash-in-the-pan trend. Such a fad will likely limit the amount of times you can wear your party wear and can end up looking forced if it isn't really 'you'. Have fun with details (see above), but stick with what you know and like. Trust your gut feeling - you'll probably know when you've found the right one (invariably, it's one of the first dresses you looked at, about seven shops and three hours ago!).

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