Friday, January 6, 2012

Quality over Price - The great Knitting Needle Question

By Mercedes Aspland

Knitting is a hobby that is popular throughout the world and although many can find it creative and relaxing it can also be a very difficult hobby if the tools used are not of the right standard. Probably the most important tool that every knitter needs is the knitting needle. It is a good idea that any knitter has a large stock of needles all in different styles and materials. This will allow any knitter to select the right needle for each project that they are working on.

As there are so many different materials and sizes and types of needles it is important to make an informed choice when buying your needles. There are number of things to consider and we have put a few tips below:

Style of Needle

It is essential to understand that although the action of a needle is the same every time, yet there are diverse ranges of such needles and also you will find their styles vary. For instance, there are exact needles meant for round or cabling type of knitting that may not be suitable for any other function.

Kind of material

There was a time when needles were limited in choice but that has all changed now and you can get them in a wide range of materials including wood, bamboo, aluminium and plastic. The material you choose may depend on what you prefer to use. Bamboo for example is warmer and more comfortable than metal needles. They are also more flexible and lighter which can make then very useful for arthritis sufferers.

When using metal needles you will find the stitches slide more easily than when using bamboo needles. This is great for an experienced knitter that wants to move very quickly. They are also colder and stronger than wood or bamboo needles.

Knitting a Tension Square

Everyone has their own knitting style and so you will need different sizes of needles for a project to enable you to get the right tension. Before any project you should knit a 10cm/4in square and measure it to make sure it is the same as in the pattern. If it is too large you may want to use a smaller size of needles and if it is too small a bigger size. Always check this before beginning any project.

You can see from the above that there are a lot of things to consider when you select your needles including quality and price. Needles can be a great investment and if you get the right ones they can make a great heirloom so we would always recommend looking for quality instead of price.

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