Monday, January 9, 2012

Tips on Wearing Formal Dresses

By John Jones

Black Tie: If your invitation card says black tie, then it indicates a semi formal occasion. Here you can dress your self in a cocktail dress or an evening gown.Since black tie is a semi formal occasion, you can choose the length and style of your gown as per the current trends. Strapless formal dresses are currently in vogue.Strapless dress highlights your face and the shoulders. Wear high heel stilettos with your evening gown.

There are formal dresses to cater for all styles. Are you going for the princess look, or do you want to catch everyone's attention by looking super sexy?You need to decide which kind of look you're going for before you shop. Your dress can be a mirror to your personality, so go to town on low-cut dresses for a sexy image and lots of decorations and features like rhinestones and ruffles for a playful look. The key is to be yourself and let your dress speak for you. If you like bright colors, go for it! After all you want people to see who you really are, so be confident in your own style and go with your gut feeling.

To really get everyone in the room staring when you make your entrance to any event though you should choose a boutique dress since they are often designed around the current hottest fashions and many times one of a kind designs from some very talented people.Lots of boutiques will also offer you a one of a kind experience along with the Cocktail Dress 2012 while you are shopping. Many of the higher end boutiques have personal shoppers that can assist you in finding the perfect dress for that special occasion and usually take care of packing the ones you try on back and forth to the dressing room. If your lucky, some of these boutique shops even offer bottled waters, smoothies and small snack items to help make your tough day of shopping just a little bit easier.

Shoes: Buy shoes that match with your dress. If you are attending a ball dance party, then wear heels that you feel comfortable while dancing.Jewelry:Avoid chunky jewelry.The jewelry should match the gown. A string of pearls for white gown, or a small ruby or emerald set for red and green dress respectively will make you look elegant.

The color of your dress can also be friend or foe to your overall 'look' as certain colors will suit your skin type and hair color, whereas others will leave you looking washed out and pale. For easy and free advice on skin tone matching why not ask in a local boutique?

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