Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tungsten Ring Are Beautiful and Tasteful

By Faustine Garnder

Much of what was once considered standard wedding procedure, dress, and structure was actually held over from the Elizabethan, Renaissance, and Victorian eras, when marriage was a business transaction or political move as often as it was a personal choice. Many traditions have gone out of style in the past thirty years. These days, while many wedding ceremonies follow some sort of outline that recalls the traditions of the past, changing social mores, technological advances, and new trends in fashion have allowed modern couples to make their weddings truly their own.

Black tungsten rings and wedding bands aren't for everyone, but for those individuals who are appreciate fashion and style you have to check out the latest rage. Many individuals are bucking the trend of wearing the old and tired gold or platinum domed wedding bands. They seek something new and fresh, and black tungsten is growing in popularity exponentially. Black rings stand out in a different kind of way. Instead of being looked at with the common, "Oh I see your married" eyes, tungsten rings draw curious individuals to ask, "What kind of ring is that?".

Tungsten carbide and titanium wedding bands are very popular. Due to extreme hardness and durability, couple's wedding bands will hold their shape and shine longer than any ring available on the market. Selecting a durable tungsten wedding ring is an easy way to check that one more box off on your wedding checklist. Tungsten rings are perfect for individuals involved with physical activities that risk scratching, nicking, or damaging softer metals. Polished tungsten rings hold their permanent shine and the polish won't wear off after many years.

Black tungsten rings and wedding bands come in many styles and designs. Whether you are a fan of the classic domed polished band, or the eye grabbing black brushed finish, or a mix of the new and old with the Celtic laser engraved black tungsten rings, there is sure to be a style and size which is appealing to you. The real question is, with all the phenomenal designs can you can decide on only one?

If you are looking to add another step of personalization to your ring custom engraving is always an option. Who would have thought that pairing a tungsten carbide foundation with space age material such as carbon fiber would create such a unique in demand look. These rings have it all, a cutting edge style, world class design, and unsurpassed durability.

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