Wednesday, January 25, 2012

You Can do It YOurself WIth Workbench Plans

By Shameka Hummel

Whether an experienced woodworker or just starting out, the benefits of a solid bench are many. No matter if the need is something simple or there is a desire to build something to rival the finest European benches, a good set of workbench plans is essential. Not only do they guide the process, but with the variety of options available, one can find a bench style perfectly suited to the work at hand.

A workbench must be sturdy, so good joint design is essential. This allows it to resist racking under stress. Work pieces must also be secured, and there are many different vice styles and configurations for different types of work. These are the important details that plans will provide.

Another consideration is storing tools. A workbench used primarily for fine cabinetmaking will feature different approaches to storage than that used for home fix it projects. This is another area where plans can provide options that will make the final bench more useful.

On the surface, a work bench looks pretty simple, like a beefed-up table. This leads people to think they can simply build a bench on the fly. For the vast majority this will lead to wasted time and material as the worktable is pieced together. A solid blueprint of the project not yields building efficiency, but ensures the bench will stand-up over time.

There is nothing more frustrating than having to run out and get a missing piece for a project. A plan eliminates this problem by providing a full materials and cut list. The materials list details the project supplies needed to fully complete the project. No more running out for the right screw or bolt.

The cut list shows the most efficient way to cut lumber so there is little or no waste. The cut list also offers options on materials used, so less expensive wood can be used. This saves time, money and effort.

Depending on level of building skill, a useful extra can be step-by-step instructions. While experienced builders can study a plan and devise the construction process, most can benefit from an overview of the ideal building approach. This again is a real time saver and helps ensure a good finished project.

Finding plans for a home workbench is simple thanks to the internet. A quick search will lead to many providers and the options are almost endless. Most workbench plans can be downloaded immediately so there's not waiting to begin building.

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